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Shine 2020! Live what matters. Be your authentic, radiant self in 2020 


Eight week coaching programme

Four 1-to-1 coaching sessions

Four group coaching sessions

Materials to guide you

Group of maximum four women

Starts week 13 January 2020

  • Start 2020 with clear intention and support

  • Go beyond new years resolutions to real transformation

  • Get in flow with your natural energy and live what matters most to you

  • Access deeper wisdom than your ordinary thinking, analysing mind

  • Learn to listen to your inspiration and intuition and act on it

  • Establish healthy habits and shift limiting patterns and beliefs

  • Experience the proven power of support in a small group of women

  • Be your authentic, radiant self in your work, relationships and life!

Contact Adele to arrange a chat if you're interested in joining. 

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