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purpose-led, collaborative, for the whole

Leadership Coaching

As a visionary entrepreneur or executive who is serious about making an impact in the world in a way that works with your whole life, you probably already know that your business offers a profound possibility for personal growth.


In a custom coaching programme, you will clarify the particular purpose that connects you to your innate intelligence, vitality and the life-giving impact you are here to make.


You will learn to increasingly trust and follow your own living intelligence, and the fresh insight, resource, and possibility available when you do. 


And as you break new ground, you’ll be supported to be aware of the powerful limiting patterns and beliefs that often arise, so as to not be taken out by them, keep you oriented to forging new pathways of opportunity and success.  


You are welcome to arrange a free clarity call with Adele to help get clear on your specific intention, and the steps you might take to accomplish it.


Leadership Team Coaching

Leadership team coaching has become the fastest growing area in leadership development, as understanding has grown that highly collaborative teams and cultures consistently outperform individual high-performing leaders in next-level businesses. 


Through a combination of regular online or in person workplace sessions, and training or away days to focus on particular areas, your team is supported to work well together to create a strong purpose-led business that brings benefit and prosperity to all stakeholders. I work closely with your team to, for example:

- acknowledge and build common ground as needed

- establish ways to ensure all stakeholders benefit from required interactions

- skilfully bring awareness of power, rank and privilege within the team, improving its capacity to engage diversity and difference

- use strength based enquiry to listen to where vital energy and direction is emerging

- support systemic thinking

- notice tensions and challenges in the organisation that surface through interactions - helping conflict to be seen as less less personal and more of opportunity to resolve systemic tension and release creativity and flow

- time appropriately engage trickier issues that build trust and generate creativity


Book a call to clarify what the next level of success and collaboration means for your team and business, and what might best support you into it. 

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