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about adele

Growing up in Zimbabwe and South Africa, I experienced the beauty and connection of wild nature, as well as the devastating impact of apartheid or ‘separation thinking’, intimately. Keen to be part of something new, I joined Procter & Gamble who were freshly re-entering post-apartheid SA to began a career building global brand businesses. A combination of synchronicity and early success gave me some excellent business grounding, world travel and living, and an unusual exposure to the creativity and power of people, business, and how we shape the world.

Though imore subtle, I found the same 'separation'/ exploitation thinking I'd grow up with all around me, and made a radical life change to immerse myself in more connected approaches to life and work at the internationally renowned Holistic Education Centre and Ecovillage in North Scotland, the Findhorn Foundation. 


Here I dived into in learning, living, practicing and then teaching in leading edge social, cultural and ecological education and experimentation. I had the good fortune to work with leading teachers; support hundreds of people seeking more meaningful lives; design and deliver holistic leadership programmes; coach teams looking for stronger purpose, connection and efficacy. 

Leading  the executive team of the Findhorn Foundation in a whole organisation purpose-led cultural and structural change process, I experienced the living-systems nature of organisations and became inspired by the transformative power working in this way can bring to the world. 

I feel blessed to live in the wild beauty of north east Scotland, and the stimulation of enquiry into new ways of living and being of the Findhorn Community. I work online and travel regularly within the UK, and further afield for projects where there's a good fit. 


"Adele's capacity to listen to me as a whole person, helped me connect with my true potential and align with my soul's purpose. This has helped me to succeed in different aspects of my life, work and relationships, bringing a sense of contentment and joy!"

Rossana Bonnano, Living Education Director, Findhorn Foundation

" There is a depth and willingness to embrace the unknown in Adele's work, which supports forward movement and transformational change.''

Clive Kitson, Programme Co-focaliser

former Chair of Trustees, Findhorn College

"I wholeheartedly recommend Adele Napier to you. Her presence in my life is a blessing."

Robert Holden, Author of Authentic Success

"Among many qualities, I am most struck by the integrity and spaciousness Adele brings to her work, which arises from her quiet and alert presence. She listens between and beneath the obvious towards whatever is waiting to emerge."

Stephen Busby, Programme Co-Facilitator, Healing Practitioner

As Chair of the Findhorn Foundation, I have witnessed Adele in action as she conceived, outlined, planned and facilitated a change process that led us to reformulate our purpose and principles and reorganise our structure. She was sensitive and firm throughout the process, amid plenty of challenges. 

Lisette Schuitemaker, Former Chair of Trustees Findhorn Foundation (UK) and Centre of Human Emergence (Netherlands). Author of 'Childless Living' and other titles. 

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Adele is committed to staying inspired, and awake to her strengths and challenge areas while working with others. She receives regular one to one and group supervision, and continues training in approaches at the leading edge of this work.

Organisations Adele has an over time learning and development relationship include: 



The Whole Partnership, COLPI (community of learning, practice and innovation), 2018. 

Centre of Supervision & Team Development, Supervision training 2005 and 2016.

Findhorn Foundation, Holistic Leadership Development, and numerous holistic approaches, as student and faculty, 2004-2018

Lorian Association, Gaian consciousness 2009, and continued Incarnational Spiritual learning and faculty, 2010-current.

One Spirit Interfaith Foundation, Ordained Minister & Spiritual Counsellor 2006, Mentoring and Facilitation 2014, Faculty on ordination programme 2016

Procter & Gamble, Graduate development programme & brand development 1996-2003

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