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Procter & Gamble - Business and Brands

1996 My career started with P&G. I launched the Pampers brand in South Africa as the company returned post apartheid; developed the strategy for and managed the growth of the European Pantene Haircare business while based in Geneva; and designed upstream initiatives for the Global Olay Skincare Brand in London. I am grateful for the strong business grounding and brand thinking, as well as incredible exposure to countries, cultures and excellent colleagues gained those 8 years. 

Findhorn Foundation - Holistic Leadership Development

2004 I joined the Holistic Leadership programme in Findhorn, one of my most inspiring places. Experiencing the extra-ordinary life giving potential that inner focus can have on life, work and the world was momentous for me. For the next 2 1/2 years I facilitated these programmes, mentoring around 100 participants through the often life changing 3 month immersion.​

OneSpirit Foundation - Soul Counselling

2006 I was ordained through the OneSpirit seminary in London and began to offer soul centred counselling. I love to support people to uncover what matters most and dare to let this be the guiding force in their lives. As legally recognised celebrant I sometimes create and lead bespoke wedding and other life milestone celebrations. I have served as faculty on the OneSpirit ordination programme. 


Faculty and Facilitation - Our Human Potential

2007 As Findhorn Foundation faculty I had the good fortune to work closely with exceptional teachers and facilitate learning in numerous groups, across a range of innovative holistic approaches. From Supervision and Leadership development trainings, Group Dynamic and Communication Skill programmes, to Meditation retreats, Body-oriented healing arts. I am grateful for the intuitive feel for, and cellular understanding about human potential and group consciousness developed in me through this - as well as the vibrant network of highly skilled, big hearted colleagues I draw from in my current consulting and training work.

Lorian Association - Incarnational Spirituality 

2009 I met Lorians Freya Secrest and David Spangler. David is the generator of Incarnational Spirituality and a big inspiration in my life. In 2010 we co-created Living Whole, an in-person and online partnership programme bringing the transformative teachings and practices of Findhorn and Lorian together. I joined the Lorian Board from 2012-2016. I am regularly thankful for how IS helps me open to possibilities beyond what I ordinarily expect.

Team Supervision and Leadership Coaching

2012 I supported leaders to connect with what matters and to dare to stand for and co-create its delivery. I mobilised teams to engage with their work in both mundane and complex situations, building connection and transforming contribution. 

Whole Organisation Change - Consulting 

2015 I was invited by the Findhorn Foundation trustees into the privilege and challenge of leading a whole-organisation change process. Scoped the project, designed the brief, recruited and led the team to deliver a two to three year process. In essence, this project tapped into the living intelligence of the organisation, and informed strategic, cultural and structural changes process.

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