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Would you like a stronger sense of purpose, direction or fulfilment in your life? Are you grappling with relationship, health or financial difficulties? 

Soul counselling is a supportive space in which you can bring any life question or issue. Conversations are oriented to support you to discover the natural intelligence and wellbeing within you, and let this guide you in your life.

In addition to Soul counselling, Adele supervises practicing soul counsellors and spiritual counsellors.

Sessions run for an hour, and mostly held online from Adele's home in the Findhorn Community in Scotland. For a half hour conversation free of charge to see how Soul counselling may serve you, contact Adele's office. 




Arrange a half hour online conversation with Adele and find out if working with her can support you. 

"Working with Adele has been a privilege. Her capacity to listen to and see me as a whole person, has supported me to connect with my true potential and align with my soul's purpose. This has helped me to succeed in different aspects of my life, work and relationships, bringing a sense of contentment and joy!"

Rossana Bonnano, Living Education Director, Findhorn Foundation

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