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Arrange a half hour online conversation with Adele and find out if working with her can support you. 

One-to-one leadership coaching as well as team coaching and supervision, aimed at developing high performing leaders and teams at executive/ board level, and across organisations.


Our coaching approach is strength based, purpose-led, and whole person, whole system oriented. Working in an emergent way, and depending on need and focus, we support clients to:

  • connect with a sense of their living intelligence and purpose, allowing its natural vitality and creative wisdom to guide the way

  • explore difficulties and challenges, bringing a sense of presence and awareness that allows movement and new possibilities to emerge

  • identify resources and support and how to care for their wellbeing

  • build leadership capacity and presence

  • develop relational capacity and strengthen relationships in teams 

Our aim is that through this work, leaders and teams will be connected to a sense of living purpose, able to bring more of themselves into the workplace and be more wholehearted, vulnerable, courageous, authentic and daring. 

One-to-one sessions are mainly held online in a series of sessions, and team coaching and supervision in the workplace. 

Please contact Adele below to arrange an initial conversation to see how we might work together. 

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