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live what matters

life-giving impact, fulfilment, prosperity



In two decades exploring and leading holistic transformation, I’ve come to trust the innate intelligence in people, teams and organisations. When we recognise and respond to the wisdom inherent within us, fresh insight and direction arise, natural energy is mobilised, and we enter a more collaborative and ecological relationship with life. 


Whether you're a purpose-driven entrepreneur or executive, or are seeking a more fulfilling life where you live what you've come here to do, I can help through one of my custom programmes. 


I look forward to hearing from you as we respond to the call to create life-giving ways of being, working and relating in our world. 



Leadership Coaching

Custom personal programmes for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and executives to create new levels of life-giving impact, fulfilment and prosperity.

Team Coaching

Bespoke programmes that support highly collaborative, whole system oriented leadership teams and organisations.

Life Coaching & Soul Counselling

Support to help you let the natural intelligence and sense of wellbeing within you guide you, as you create a life you love.

Adele also supervises practicing soul counsellors and life coaches.

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